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Friday, March 29, 2019

UNIQLO' Special UT Collection for Gundam's 40th Anniversary

The clothes you choose to wear is an expression of yourself and UNIQLO believes just that. UT or the Uniqlo T-shirt reflects different cultural content that transcends time and genre from all over the world. It is also artsy and pop.

Through UT, you can convey your identity through what's on your T-shirt- who you are, where you come from, and what kind of culture you like. UT's collection has over 1,000 features that ranges from pop culture such as movies, comics, animes, games, art, music, famous brands, etc.

This time around, UT created some designs to mark the 40th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam that features scenes from the first TV series which will definitely bring back nostalgic moments for Gundam fans.

And to make the launch much more memorable for Gundam fans, UNIQLO PH invited a mix of media and fans to take part in a Gundam Quiz Night. Of course, winners get to bring home Gundam Model Kits.

And here's my favorite Gundam UT ---

Gundam UT's are available in all Uniqlo branches nationwide.


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