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Sunday, February 17, 2019

HOTEL REVIEW: Aruga by Rockwell

I've always been drawn to Aruga by Rockwell ever since my friend stayed there a few years back and invited us to come over, so when the need to book a hotel room presented itself, I didn't hesitate to choose Aruga. Of course, the location is also perfect since it is just a short walk to our favorite Power Plant Mall.

Aruga by Rockwell is not just your typical hotel, it falls under the serviced-apartments category. It basically means that you get more than just a bed inside your room. Of course, they also have regular rooms available but why get that when you can stay in a suite? ;)

We got the one-bedroom suite and this is what greeted us upon opening the door. I love how spacious it is and that the interior/furniture looks comfy. 

Daughter wanted to camp in the living room area as soon as she saw how nice the sofa was. She brought along tons of homework, that's why. And did I mention hubby claimed the dining area as his office space already?

Here's the bedroom and because they already "claimed" the dining and living room area, I told them that they're off-limits in the bedroom! Hahahah. Bed was a bit small for the three of us though- double bed.

The closet space was also very nice especially if you plan to stay for a few days. Btw, Aruga by Rockwell also offer rooms for long-staying guests.

From the main door, the other side of the foyer leads to the kitchen / laundry area. 

The kitchen was very nice actually and it has some pots, pans, and cutleries so there's no need to call housekeeping. Daughter got excited so we bought SPAM and other goodies from the grocerywhich she enjoyed cooking. Hahaha such a gourmet meal. 

I also love the Argan toiletries. 

And here's the best part, the swimming pool. We didn't get to enjoy the pool though because the water was so cold that time. Hopefully on our next stay.

Another noteworthy bit about Aruga by Rockwell is that the staff are friendly and always ready to assist. 

The word- "Aruga" means "Care" in Filipino language and they did make us feel well-taken cared of. Thumbs up!

Overall, we enjoyed our overnight stay that we decided to extend another night. Glad that we don't have to transfer room anymore. Buffet breakfast for 2 pax is also included but we didn't get to try it since my daughter's ninang invited us to have breakfast nearby. Excited to stay at Aruga by Rockwell again.

Aruga by Rockwell
Waterfront Drive
Rockwell Center
Makati City
(02) 818-0000

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  1. Ill try to visit this. Currently I am touring hotels in QC. Just wandering around and see what these hotels have compared to others in Makati or BGC


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