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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Lazada Advocates eCommerce for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Lazada Group has pledged to nurture eCommerce entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Southeast Asia so that it will grow and thrive by 2030. It also aims for a sustainable and inclusive eCommerce ecosystem in the region.

To help realize the growth of eCommerce, Lazada's goal is to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to digitize their businesses so that they will gain more customers from the internet savvy and mobile user crowd.

"Having overcome the early challenges of building up the business and industry in a nascent landscape, we now want to lead our ecosystem through the era of robust digital transformation. Our focus is on creating a trusted platform connecting sellers to the Southeast Asian consumers. By enabling sellers with our technology and logistics capabilities, we want to help sellers flourish, to become sustainable businesses that will contribute to Southeast Asia economic growth in the long run," said Ray Alimurung, CEO Lazada Philippines.

Lazada is the region's leading online shopping and selling platform and with the healthy growth of SMEs embracing eCommerce, it aims to unlock the full potential of these businesses, thus helping create a stable digitized world of eCommerce in the Southeast Asian region.

"New generation of sellers no longer view eCommerce as a good-to-have, but a necessity in order to drive success. And eCommerce players like Lazada can be strategic partners to sellers who are committed to their professional and business growth. Their thriving businesses will boost the ecosystem," added Alimurung.

eCommerce growth in some asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam also encountered setbacks because there's lack of access to financial and support services like e-payments unlike its other counterparts like Singapore, which has a very baseline when it comes to eCommerce and actively pursuing an agenda for open trade borders according to Simon Baptist, Global Chief Economist and Managing Director, Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) in Asia.

With these in mind, Lazada vows to change the eCommerce environment so that both SMEs and consumers will benefit from the digitized shopping and selling platform.


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