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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trimurti Love Shrine In Bangkok

Having just celebrated Valentine's Day, I believe that most people are still either happy or (un)happy with how their VDay turned out. I mean, you have to take note that it can't really be roses  for every one. Some may even be silently praying that Valetine's be removed from the calendar.

On that note, there is this popular shrine in Bangkok that people with love related concerns and wishes go to. The shrine is dedicated to Trimurti, the Three-face Hindu God, and is located outside Central World Mall.

People often go to this shrine to pray for love (maybe meeting the right partner, having a lasting marriage, or simply just love blessing) and you won't see the shrine empty. However, Thursday is a special day for Trimurti so expect a lot of devotees to visit the shrine.

There are a lot of shrines in Bangkok, in fact, there's one in almost every corner or even the buildings or houses. Thais are deeply religious and there's an influence of Hinduism and Brahmanism aside from Buddhism.


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