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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Make Friends With Paktor

Making friends is not that easy for some but with the help of Paktor, it is not impossible anymore. All you have to do is download the Paktor app and register. Simple as 1-2-3. 

It is on this note that Paktor, the newest name in social networking, was developed. Launched in mid-June of 2013, Paktor is the brainchild of Joseph Phua and co-founders Christopher D’Cruz and Charlene Koh. A user-friendly app that allows people with similar interests to connect with one another, Paktor is built on the principles of locality, usability, and anonymity.

The first thing a Paktor user will notice when signing up is how easy it is to do so. Unlike other apps that require users to fill-up several fields of personal information, Paktor allows you to sign in directly through your Facebook account, without having to modify any of your existing information. All it takes is a simple two-click, 15-second process for new users to immediately browse for new friends. Additionally, those who have doubts about logging in through Facebook can be rest assured that Paktor will never post on your behalf on your Facebook wall, or require you to manipulate anything in your account.

Paktor’s lively and engaging graphical user interface also makes the experience more fun and easy; get to know people without having to read through lengthy, verbose profiles that may or may not be true. Users are also only able to view distance, friends in common, shared interests and additional photos before deciding if they would like to get to get know the person in the photo better.

The creators of Paktor believe that including the concept of locality in their app greatly increases the chances that people will actually meet. Other apps do not take into account the fact that users who are simply too far away from one another will find it difficult to set up actual meetings. Utilizing your smart phone’s built-in GPS, Paktor allows you to locate users within your area who share similar interests, making the possibility of actual face-to-face encounters that much more real.

Arguably the most important aspect of Paktor is that it places a very high premium on anonymity. Security and privacy concerns are a serious matter, so it’s appropriate that Paktor only allows people to meet once they have “liked” one another. Making a quick swipe to the right across someone’s profile lets them know that you have liked them, but this is only half of the process – the other party has to “like” you back before a match can be made. Furthermore, a user won’t know if they’re liked until they like someone. This is the key to Paktor’s privacy feature and is what allows users to search for friends freely, without getting bombarded by messages from just anyone. Once two parties have anonymously liked each other, a chat room immediately pops up, connecting them and allowing for free and relaxed interaction. This anonymity function provides a level of security unique to the Paktor experience.
There’s no doubt that technology nowadays is, in one way or another, a part of the daily lives of millions. In fact if you are reading this, there is a good chance that some form of mobile device is within reach. That gadget connects you to everyone you know. Theoretically speaking, it can also connect you to those whom you don’t. And with Paktor, making this connection is as easy as “swipe, match, and chat.”

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