Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bangkok's Airplane Graveyard

Bangkok is not just a city with lots of temples, shopping malls, street markets, and street food, it is a city with lots of surprises for those who loves the road less travelled.

During our recent trip to Bangkok, we spent at hour admiring and taking lots of pictures at the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok located at Krung Thep Maha Nakhon which is near Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It was quite an adventure to go there since we get to ride the MRT or subway, and then travel by Khlong Saen Saep Boat from Asoke Pier to Wat Sriboonreung Pier.

This is the fare matrix guide. It was quite far from Asoke to Wat Sriboonreung but it was worth the trip, including the boat ride.

A peak into our boat ride. Btw, only locals travel via boat so it's really hard to communicate where you want to go. Make sure to research first so that you'll know which pier station to go down to. You also need to prepare small bills because the boat mean collects the payment.

From Wat Sriboonreung Pier, you need to walk about 1km to reach the airplane graveyard. Fastest would be to follow the canal (the walkway is a bit narrow though and we espied some iguanas on the water) or go to the temple and follow the street that leads to the main road. You'll pass by some food sellers and a convenience store so if you didn't bring any water with you, better buy now because it is quite hot at the airplane graveyard and you don't know how long you'll stay there.

Entering the airplane graveyard is not free. We did a research and from the blogs that we've read, entrance fee per person is between 200-300 baht (or more if you look super rich!). In our case, we paid for only 100 baht each. Actually, the kids who manning the gate told us that entrance fee is 200 baht each but I asked if we can pay 100 baht instead. They asked the lady which I assume is their mother and she gave us her blessing, so yey!

Actually, there was a couple of tourist already doing their photoshoot at the airplane graveyard. They even have a photographer with them and a nice car was also nearby which I think was theirs. So I'm guessing they paid more than the usual asking price so we were given a huge discount.

I was expecting to see a lot of "dead" airplanes but there wasn't much, I've counted less than ten. But then, if you're just aiming to have nice photos beside the planes, then it doesn't really matter if there's one or two or ten.

Another tip is to bring an umbrella or a cap since it was quite hot when we went there (month of May). We were there between 10am to 11am. Also, you need to plan your outfit so that you'll have lots of amazing photos! Should you happen to visit airplane graveyard during the rainy season, expect lots of puddles so dress accordingly.

Be prepared to climb or crawl some of the planes so that you'll have a nice angle for your photos. My daughter manage to climb the cockpit and has some interesting photos.

Overall, Bangkok's Airplane Graveyard was one of the most interesting places I've been to. I'm thanking my daughter for this and for her fascination with the road less travelled. Can't wait for our next trip to Bangkok, I'm sure we're going to visit this place again.

I've been using Zenfone Max Pro M2 during our trip to Bangkok and I really have to say that the photos turned out lovely, and the best part- the battery didn't fail me even if we were out most of the day. And no, I didn't bring a powerbank. Will do a separate review soon.



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